Skipholt 31
Reykjavík, 105 Iceland

Round the back of the building. Also accessible from Laugavegur, through the Hekla car dealership lot.


Our tap room is open Wednesday - Sunday from 16:00 - 20:00 and by appointment at other times.




Tel: 588-BEER aka



– RVK Brewing Company –

[ it's all about the beer ]



RVK Brewing Company is born out of pure and simple passion for good beer. After working for years in the New York City finance sector our founder Siggi found out his true passion. Good Beer. And making it. And spreading out the word about good beer in Iceland. Beer was only allowed in Iceland in the late eighties. Until then we could only have it abroad or have it smuggled into the country, and the first beers to arrive were just ok. So the story of craft beer here is pretty short. We want to write some of the next chapters in it. The ingredients are all here. The passion is all here. Come check us out.



Brewery and Tap Room

Skipholt 31
Reykjavík, Iceland

Around the back of the building.


We are in the heart of Reykjavík. 

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